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First Steps Puppy Training Classes is a series of six training classes lasting 50 minutes.  The program has been carefully designed to teach the basic obedience skills giving you a good foundation for life with your new puppy.

The puppy training exercises gradually progress from easy to more complex, building on your’s and your puppy’s understanding and reliability each week.

What will I and my puppy learn                        

During the class you will both learn:       

Sit, Down and Stand


Loose lead walking

Handling (for visits to Vets or to administer medication)


Settle/go to bed


Accept people near their food

Be sociable with other humans and dogs

Greeting and meeting.

If you have any children in your family it would be great if you could bring them along for some of the classes

Positive puppy training

We only use positive puppy training so please be prepared to bring lots of treats and toys along.

Training 24/7

During the puppy training class you will be given all the information and skills you need to train your puppy.  However you will need to put some time each day (as little as 3 minutes) continuing the training at home, this will allow you and your puppy to make better progress with greater results and a much better trained puppy.

Throughout this course you will learn life enhancing skills for your puppy at the same time have a lot of fun. If possible we will try and set aside some play time for the puppies always taking in to account the safety of the puppies and the mix in the class.