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The nose is one of your dogs most valuable assets that he or she has, in many respects it is like your eyes it tells your pooch where they are and what has been going on in their area, in fact they are better than your eyes, you can only see what is physically there, your dog can tell what is there but better still he can tell what has been there.

You may have noticed that when you go on walks your dogs likes nothing better than to stop and sniff, when they do how many of us get them to walk on without thinking what we are doing, imagen going on a mystery bus tour with blindfolds on, well that is what you are asking your dog to do when you don’t let them sniff as they go round. Instead of getting fed up with them every step of the way, embrace it and let them enjoy their walk. You might not get as far as you were planning to but your dog will have enjoyed their walk.

So instead of stressing about your dog sniffing why not encourage it and let them put their talent to good use, letting your dog learn to scent will be beneficial in so many ways:

  1. It will help them to engage their brain
  2. Encourage and build focus
  3. Help them to control their impulses,
  4. Allowing them to think in arousal,
  5. Will help them to tolerate frustration
  6. And for a dog who does it helps them to become a thinker.

Our introduction to SCENT WORK will help your pooch to grow and learn and will start to give you an insight in to your dog and its behaviour when out and about.